The Ultimate Facebook Viral Script

  Reach new customers today with a social referral program!
  - Get a tons of free traffic and social media exposure
  - Create unlimited viral contests
  - Works in any language and for any niche

Do you know that a SIMPLE SHARE on social media can BOOST YOUR TRAFFIC with 50%?

Reach new customers today with your own social referral program and get TONS OF FREE TRAFFIC from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

Share This Contest PRO allows you to create viral contests and reward the users for sharing your offers or websites.
With this amazing script you can promote any website, product or offer, in any language, for any niche.
It is the most powerful way to get FREE AND QUALITY TRAFFIC from social media websites.

Everybody wins!
You will get a lot of FREE TRAFFIC, NEW CUSTOMERS and SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE. Your visitors will be rewarded.
With Share This Contest PRO it is very easy to reward the visitors for sharing your website or your special offers and you can set custom rewards: for the total number of visitors, for timed visitors or for custom conversions (opt-in, purchase, register).

How Share This Contest PRO works?

Create a contest and add
the button on your website
People share your website
trying to win the rewards
You get more traffic,
new users and new customers

Benefits of using Share This Contest PRO:

- 92% of consumers trust peer recommendation

- It is the best solution to get TONS OF FREE traffic

- The users will share your website on all social networks

- The users can invite their addressbook to check your offer

- Reward the users when their friends visit your website

- Optional, reward the users when their friends will convert

- You can run your social referral program

- It's a powerful way to increase social media exposure

It is time to go viral!

You can use Share This Contest PRO to organize contests, giveaways or sweepstakes.
The script manages everything automatically for you, from participants registration to prize claiming.
The rewards will be automatically sent by email to the winners and, in real time, you can see who is sharing your website, and contact directly your participants.

How to create your own social referral program with Share This Contest PRO:
Step 1 First decide what prize to offer. The prize must be appealing. It can be a free product, a discount or a free membership.
Step 2 Then decide how many units of the prize you want to give away and for how long you want to run your contest.
Step 3 The user comes to your website and the special offer is presented to him. To get it, the user must enter the contest.
Step 4 With only one click, he will be able to share your website on ALL major social networks or by email, to all his addressbook.
Step 5 You get a lot of FREE traffic, social media exposure and your website will be visible to thousands of potential customers!
Step 5 Using the follow-up emails integrated module, you can send emails to all your subscribers to inform them about new offers.

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